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We’re Heaven Scent Cleaning Services guarantee that you will not regret hiring our cleaning company to clean your space. We know that each and everyone has their own preference that is why we have customized our cleaning services according to your needs. We want to provide a quality service that you deserve.


You don’t always need a deep cleaning but it is mandatory every once in a while. Deep cleaning covers the areas that are not covered in regular cleaning. It goes further to get rid of dirt, grime, soap scum, food splatters and grease that leaves your appliances and cabinets filthy, and other grunk around the home. It’s a more thorough cleaning service than the standard cleaning.

Most of people start with a deep cleaning for their first service. You start out with your home being clean throughout. Then, when you start with regular cleaning, the cleaning service can maintain the level of cleanliness during the deep cleaning.

When you get a deep cleaning, your services go deeper. This might include the following:

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